Saturday, September 25, 2010

T-minus 2 days!


Just the other day I was blogging that we have 5 days left, well, now it's down to 2 days! Hate to break the news to you, but it's coming up quickly! During this time of the year, we are getting ready to welcome new students to Berkeley, and a lot these students have several concerns. What are the professors like? Will I make friends? Are the classes going to be tough? As with any college student, we all have our concerns, but once you get the hang of things, it all goes well from there.

You might feel stressed, overwhelmed, but these are just things you work to overcome. I was searching the web and came across a website that offers some helpful advice for new students and succeeding in college. I scrolled through and selected a few that I feel are more important. I will also include the link so you can check out all of the other tips on the site!

**Take responsibility for your own learning. You're not in high school anymore. Everyone in college is there to learn because they want to, not just to pass because they have to. There are a lot of opportunities for learning in college, often times outside the classroom. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.

(I can't stress the importance of this. Some students feel that while the professors may be there to help you, that they don't have to do their part, but that is not the case!)

**Set goals. Every term, reset your goals to keep you motivated and give you something to work toward.

(Think about what you want to succeed in. Keep yourself focused and stay determined and you can do anything you want.)

**Be attentive and stay focused. Avoid distractions such as instant messaging or crossword puzzles. Treat class as though it were an important business meeting. Your professor will appreciate it and you will learn more.

**Ask questions. If the professor ever says something that you do not understand, never be afraid to ask for clarification. Chances are there are other students in class that also didn't understand.

**Try to make a friend in each class. If you have to miss a class, you can call your classmate and get the lowdown on what you may have missed. Also, often times partner projects are assigned and it is awkward to have to work with a stranger. If you already know someone in the class, it relieves any tension there may otherwise be.

(In college, you will meet some really great people, so branch out and get to know everyone, whether it's only one fellow classmate, or the whole class. It's good to have friends who you can hang out with in between classes and outside of school)

**Take advantage of the library. It may not be as easy as doing a Google search, but the quality of the sources in a university library is second to none. You'll be able to research centuries-old articles from newspapers or read an entry from a scientific journal. Those are just two examples of things a university library can offer you that the World Wide Web cannot.

(I LOVE using the Library tab on Blackboard and the library on campus is really good as well. You can find so much information that will help you succeed with those term papers!)

**Don't procrastinate. Whatever the assignment may be, if you have some free time, just do it now. Otherwise, you'll be stuck doing it later. If an assignment takes longer than you had expected, you'll have wished that you had begun it sooner instead of waiting until the last minute

As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind as a new student. You have to keep in mind, college life is going to be the best time of your life, so appreciate everything you do! You will network with so many people which can bring along so many opportunities for you!

At the end of this article, they added a quote and I want to include it in my post:
"The work never ends, but the college does."-Tom Petty

Here is the link to the article to check out all of the other tips!



Just a reminder: Orientation will be Monday September 27th 9-5. All day classes will be cancelled, but night classes are still on. Day classes will resume on Tuesday, September 28th!!! Spread the word!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Days Until Classes Resume

Hard to believe that in 5 days, we will be starting the Fall Quarter and welcoming several new students to the Berkeley College campuses. Just a reminder to continuing students, all DAY classes on Monday, September 27th are cancelled due to new student orientation. However, if you have a NIGHT class, classes are still in session. New students and continuing students who are enrolled in day classes, will start Tuesday...Just keep that in mind so you don't show up and wonder why class isn't going on!

So today was the first day of Fall and it felt like summer, which is crazy considering it dropped to like 40 degrees the other night and now it's back to hot, hot, hot! Hopefully we will get out of this funk and into the nice cool Fall weather!


How is everyone's week off going? Fast I bet because I can't even believe it's already Wednesday! I put in my order for my books and I am still waiting to see if my night class will still be going on, considering only 7 students are enrolled at this time! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign up for the Sports and Event Marketing class on Monday nights at the Garret Mountain Campus! It will be lots of fun!!!

As this week comes to an end, I have a lot to look forward to. A few extra days to relax and my best friend will be coming home from North Carolina for a week with her little baby girl! Totally excited about that! It's also that time of year where all the fun October festivities begin, such as the apple picking, pumpkin picking, baking pies, and going to festivals. I absolutely love this time of year!

I hope everyone enjoys their last couple of days of freedom and that you are ready to rock and roll again when the new quarter begins next week! Best of luck!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

And That's A Wrap! So Long Summer Quarter!

We have officially concluded our Summer Quarter and now it's time to prepare for the Fall Quarter! Just two years ago I was counting down the days until I was starting college. Scary thought! Those of you just starting college, get ready for time to fly right on by, because before you know it, you'll be just like me, looking back at when you were first starting your college education!

First, I hope everyone did well on their final exams! I stressed big time over my Statistics final, but ended up passing and got A's on both of my big research papers. I am so glad that all that is over with, for a week at least! I still keep looking around thinking I have work to do for my classes, but I don't. I know once I start getting use to not having to do any work, the Fall Quarter will be starting and I'll be back to square one! It's quite a vicious cycle!

So while we have this week off, there is lots to do. Most importantly, catch up on your sleep! After these 11 weeks of continuous studying, it's time to relax and catch up on some sleep that you have been deprived of! I wish I could do that, but I'll be spending a good portion of my time working!

Next, you should log onto the Berkeley College Bookstore and begin ordering those books you will need for the Fall Quarter. If you are like me and like to search around for the best price, then now would be a good time to start doing so. I just ordered two books the other day and I am waiting for here if the Sports and Event Marketing class will definitely be happening. We need more students to sign up, so please, please, please sign up if you have any interest! It's at the Garret Mountain campus, Monday nights 6-9:30PM! It will be a great course,especially those of you who are interested in Marketing.

So instead of boring you with all this school stuff, get off the computer, head out with some friends, and enjoy your break! See you in a week! :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget 9/11: Forever In Our Hearts


It's hard to believe that 9 years have passed since the destruction of the Twin Towers and all of the lives that were lost. As I watch the memorial on TV right now, I can't help but to express emotions. Hopefully everyone took a moment of silence this morning as we remember those who were lost during this time.

Everyone always asks, where were you when this happened? I was in my 6th grade class when the attack happened, and I remember teachers coming into the classrooms to pass word around, but we were not able to be told what was going on. Being that we were so young, it was probably best they didn't tell us and to let our parents do that.

When I arrived home, my brother had already been home since he was in the middle school, and he had word about what had happened. I remember him telling me that there were students in the middle school crying because they had parents who worked in the city and it was just a horrific thought. I couldn't even begin to imagine what they were going through. It was hard for me to grasp what had actually happened, but once I came to understand, it was a terrifying thought!

As I was the memorial this morning, I can't help my tears. This is very touching and I can't begin to imagine what these families are going through. Hearing the readers read off all the names of the lost lives is the worst part for me.

I want to take this time so send my deepest condolences to everyone who has passed on and say thank you to all the heroes of 9/11. This was a tough day for everyone, but each year we are getting stronger and stronger! Never Forget! <3 Please take today to remember those innocent lives that were lost.RIP and Never Forget.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Interested in Sports Marketing or Brand Management? Read For More Info & Spread The Word!


Time to let go of Week 10 and prepare for Week 11, OUR LAST WEEK IN THE SUMMER QUARTER! I hope you took some of my tips from my last post to help you prepare for your finals! I know it's a little stressful, but you guys will be fine!

I have some information I would like to share with everyone! First off, if you have been slacking and waiting until the last week of the quarter to make your schedule for next quarter, well congratulations, it's now that last week, and you MUST make your schedule! Secondly, make sure you visit financial aid to make sure you are clear, and finally, head on over to student accounts and pay that fabulous bill of yours!

As far as scheduling goes, I recently saw two Marketing classes being offered at the Garret Mountain Campus and then again was told about it when I spoke with the Marketing chair, Dr. Kristin Comeforo. I was asked if I could please spread the word about these two classes! So to all my fellow Marketing majors and anyone else who has an interest in these particular areas, I want to invite you to join me in one of these classes!

Here is a message I posted up on the Berkeley College Facebook Page:

Are you interested in Sports and Event Marketing (MKT315) or Brand Management (MKT314)??? Well good news! The GMT campus will be offering these two courses for the Fall quarter!

Sports and Event Marketing(MKT315) will be Monday nights 6-9:30PM
Brand Management(MKT314) will be Tuesday and Thursday 3:20PM-5:05PM

Please Visit Advisement Today To Enroll!!!

"The SPORTS MARKETING class is a great opportunity - John Mooney will be teaching the course. His firm managed such successful events as the reunion of the famous 1980 gold medal winning US Olympic Hockey team, and promoted NY Giants legen...d George Martin in his "Journey for 9/11" charity walking event. AND - he helped launch STEPHON MARBURY'S Starbury sneaker line."

Check out John's achievements in sports marketing:


You never know who you will meet and both these classes offer such great opportunities so I urge you to check them out! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

I assume most of you will be hitting the books this weekend, so best of luck!


Feel free to share some of your final exam preparation tips with everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End Is Near: Will You Survive Finals Week?

Well Berkeley, we have made it to just about the end! Not only did this quarter fly right on by, but so did the summer. So long sweet summer! We wrapped up our summer fun just this past weekend, and now it's time to get back into serious mode, not that we weren't serious during this particular quarter, right?


As we approach the end of Week 10, many of you are probably stressing over those final exams. I know I am in my Statistics class. The one thing I hate more than anything about finals, is when they are cumulative. On this final, I have to be tested on everything from back in Week 4 to Week 10, so that's 6 weeks of material! Luckily, I have a study guide on what to really focus on, but still, my nerves are kicking me!!

As college students, we can't fully alleviate the stress in our lives. We can try and try, but no matter what it's still there, which is why you will never come across a college student who is stress-free, that's unless of course they don't really care about wasting their money. Maybe you are worried that your stress is going to ruin your life and make you do horribly on your finals, well you are wrong! We can manage our stress, and if you decide not to do anything about it, then you only have yourself to blame.


I did a little web surfing of my own, and gathered some really helpful tips to help you survive finals week! Want to hear them? Well, I'm going to share them anyway!

#1: Don't Panic: During my research, this seemed to be the number one thing students do before an exam and then they start trying to remember everything they studied, but by that time it's all jumbled up on their brain! So just relax!!!

#2: Pace Yourself: Don't think that you have to study, study, study, every second of the day. It's proven that if you study too much, you are more than likely to overload yourself. If your use to going to the gym at a certain time, take a break and go. You need some time for the information to sink in and plus the gym can really help relieve some stress! (Believe me, I just joined about a month ago and it's a big stress reliever!)

#3: Get Enough Sleep: And EAT BREAKFAST the morning of your exam! How many of us have taken a test where we got little to no sleep the night before? Guilty! The recommended hours of sleep you should get is between 7 and 8 hours. So make sure the night before your big exam, you get to bed early and rest up! Then of course, make yourself a delicious, but not overloading breakfast and head off to ace that exam!

Now the morning of the exam:

#4: Arrive On Time: This will give you an extra few minutes to ask any questions about any material that may be unclear and you will also be able to review over your notes one more time!

#5: TAKE YOUR TIME: Just because you see people finishing before you, doesn't mean you are behind. Carefully read each question and make sure you understand what it is asking, and then select your answer. You need to pace yourself just as you did with studying, except this time you can't get up and go to the gym! LOL

#6: When It's Over, It's Over: The worse thing you can do after an exam is say "Man, I did horrible!" You will not only add on to your current stress, but you will drive yourself crazy. Once you have finished the exam and handed it in, let it go. You did the best you could, so just stay positive!

I know firsthand how stressful exam week can be and I hope these tips can help some of you out!

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, take action for our financial aid, which you will see pop up when you log onto Blackboard! This is really important and we need all of the support we can get!!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Berkeley College Bergen Campus Video! Check it out!

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Below is the Bergen Campus Video Rocky and I put together! Enjoy!

A special thanks to everyone who was a part of our film:

Kaitlin Borino, Christine Beesley, Sasha Idris, Murpreet Singh
Jeannette DeRuito, Manuel Ayala, Calvin Tucker, Edgar Dimaren, Raciel Dimaren


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Financial Aid News: IMPORTANT!


Financial Aid is at risk!! What? I was just as surprised when I logged onto Blackboard yesterday only to find a little screen popping up before my eyes.

If you haven't logged on to Blackboard recently, I seriously urge you to do so. Upon logging on, you will be presented with a pop-up screen that reads the following:

"Your federal education aid is under siege.

There is currently proposed rulemaking that could reduce your ability to receive educational funding.

Let your voices be heard in Washington, DC.

Click OK below and allow a pop up window to open."

PLEASE select OK to have another screen pop-up in which allows us students to let our voices be heard on such an important issue. Many of us don't realize the wonders financial aid does for us. Without it, many of us wouldn't be able to attend college and work towards our life long goals.

Upon visiting this page, you will be presented with the information about what is happening and then be given the opportunity to send a letter expressing your feelings. I urge everyone to log on and send this letter out once a day. This is our education on the line and it's not fair to us at all.

Below is some information from the website:

"STUDENTS: Write a letter to the Department of Education concerning Gainful Employment

You know first-hand the benefits of career focused postsecondary programs and the power of those programs to change lives. At a time when students at public institutions are facing long delays to enter programs, problems in finding the classes they need, when they need them, and other problems caused by budget shortfalls, private sector career colleges and universities have become even more critical to people like you. Now, in Washington, D.C., a new rule called gainful employment could limit access to higher education for students and make it harder to find the programs that fit their needs. Help us, help yourself, and help the next generation of students who will follow your same path to skills and postsecondary education. The Department of Education needs to receive comments from students and alumni of private sector colleges and universities who want to protect access and choice for today’s and tomorrow’s students. To write a letter to the Department of Education on this issue, please enter your name and address in the form below and click "continue." A draft letter will appear that you can edit. A copy of your letter will also be sent to your Members of Congress."

Berkeley College Students, please check your Blackboard and your emails on a constant basis so we can all take the necessary steps together!