Friday, June 7, 2013

From The Eyes of The Blogger...

It's June really? It's June 7th? I sit back and think how slow time use to go, pretty much back in the days of elementary school, and now reality is in full swing and you just can't keep up with the flying days! Life has been pretty exhausting the past week. I came down with a pretty nasty sinus infection, which led to me being hospitalized last night, but I am recovering and taking it to the blog since I can talk about some things that have been going on in my life, while also venting how miserable a sinus infection can be, especially when you need to work your butt off to meet deadlines!

So yes, I woke up yesterday morning with one wicked headache, but mind you, I had a lot going on at work and I was pushing myself to just go. I ended up getting ready, hopping in my car, and getting just about 15 minutes away from my house when I realized I was in no shape or form to drive my 40 minute commute! I ended up making a u-turn and headed back home. BEST DECISION I MADE OF THE DAY! I had been at the doctor 2 days earlier, got an antibiotic, and things just seemed to get worse before they got better. The headache passed a little but but then around 5PM, it was back full force and I was in way too much pain. So off to the hospital I went and long story short, the sinus infection was more severe than I thought. Note to self & everyone else: if you start feeling congested and blah, don't wait a week to see the doctor! This was my first sinus infection experience, and it will sure be my LAST because those things are horrible! I'm on the road to recovery!

Now, we all know I'm ok because I still have my sense of humor and my boss had emailed me to check in and I told him "he worked me too hard this past week!"

Anywho, I had the chance to attend a social media conference about 2 weeks ago and while many of us know a ton about social media already, there is always something new to learn! Did you know that Facebook is on the decline? I mean really, declining! The site that we find ourselves stalking, whether it be ex-best friends, ex-boyfriends, people we don't really like, but want to spy on their lives anyway! Oh yes, it's on the decline, but that just means another phase is coming. Are you ready for it? You may be surprised or not surprised, but LinkedIn is actually on the rise and a lot of people are turning towards this professional network, especially to find jobs. This is a great topic for current students and alumni because just when you think there is no avenue for you to turn down, you can turn to LinkedIn. This is a great way to post your experience online and you never know who may find you on there. There is a ton you can do to network with people and its a great "in" for you, especially if you network the right way!

Since I don't have my notes with me from the meeting due to being out of the office, there is only some insight I can share with you, but overall, social media is going to continue to grow & grow. It's going to hit its phases, will be big for a while, but then we will see it fade and the next big thing will roll around.

Other exciting news in my life....the web commercial is still in the works so I look forward to sharing that when I am able to. I'm also working very hard on my company's new website, which is estimated to be about 3 or so more weeks, so I am VERY excited about that! It's been a long, but fun journey and I can't wait to share that success with everyone!

I look forward to sharing some more insight with you from the social media conference I attended and I'll also link you to some pretty awesome marketing sites that you may find interesting yourself! The speaker is definitely one to check out so stay tuned!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend...and until next time, LYNDSAY OVER & OUT! :)