Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's The Holiday Season...

Hello Berkeley Family, Friends, Staff, & random visitors! How is it going?!

I'm still trying to shake the fact that Christmas is only 9 days away. Yes, 9 days! So for all of you who have been stalling and not noticing how quickly the calendar is changing, you better get your boots on and get out there to battle the mall crowd! I jynxed myself at the end of last month because I ended up taking my last two vacation days for the year at work and went Christmas shopping. Well, after I "thought" I finished, I really hadn't. The talk of Secret Santa came up at work & then I realized I hadn't picked up some gifts for another family member, so it was back to the starting board! I think I can at least say now, that I am CLOSE to finished, so thank goodness for that!

I'm getting super excited because this is my last week of work for the year! Since I work for a European company, we shutdown between Christmas & New Years! This year we actually get 12 whole days off, which is so awesome! So with time counting down, it's definitely going to be a little hectic before we leave the office for those 12 days, but I can't deny that I am truly looking forward to it!

I bet the Berkeley student body is ready for their vacation as well! Berkeley College will be closed from December 17th to January 1st. All classes will resume on Thursday, January 2nd, 2013, so be sure to get enough sleep during this time & be ready for a fresh start come the new year! Make your resolutions now & if they include improving your current status at Berkeley College (which if you're asking yourself now, "Is she serious?" YES, I am), then I send my best wishes your way!

Since you will have ALL that time off, I URGE each and every one of you to check out Berkeley College's newly launched website, Berkeley Knightline! Have you seen it yet?!

If not, take a look at:

Be sure to add Berkeley Knightline to your favorites so you can stay "in the know!" with all of our social media updates and all the great blogs out there from our student bloggers at Berkeley College. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn! There is always a way to know what's going on, so get connected!

I also want to send my prayers out to all of the families who lost their children & loved ones during the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's very unfortunate & my deepest sympathies are with each and every one of those families. Please join me in sending prayers their way as they will need it during their long road to recovery.

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