Thursday, August 19, 2010

The week is quickly wrapping up.....

And I couldn't be happier!!

It's been such a hectic week on my end, and tomorrow I get to go to the beach and chill out for my best friend's birthday! It's like a tradition now. Every year we go to the beach for a good part of the day and then on our way home, we stop at Outback for her birthday dinner! It's a lot of fun!

So this week was probably my busiest week of all. I even had to cut my hours a little shorter at work this week because I was so bombarded! I have officially completed my literature review for my sociology paper and successfully created a news release for my public relations class. Luckily, I only had one discussion board for this week, so I didn't have to respond to anyone, which was a total time saver!

It's so scary how quickly this quarter is wrapping up. Next week is already week 8, which means it's going to be crunch time! My biggest things I need to get done will be my sociology paper and another paper about crisis management. I'm slacking a little on that paper, but I will be starting that probably this weekend! I don't want to fall so far behind that it will take me forever to catch up! I really don't have forever!

I hope everyone got a chance to see our video from the Garret Mountain campus. Next week, we will hopefully be over in Paramus and creating another very informative video for you guys, with a bit of humor of course! It's definitely been a great experience with videotaping, and it brings everyone in on a different level to see what Berkeley is all about! I'm really enjoying myself, so I hope you are as well.

So how is everyone's quarter going? Fast, slow? Hopefully everyone is keeping up with their grades and doing the best that they can. Now is the time to kick it up a knotch and make sure you end the quarter on a good note!

Also, a reminder, PLEASE REGISTER FOR YOUR CLASSES! Waiting until last minute will not be a good idea since those that took the summer off, will be wanting to get into their classes and all the campuses will be hopping again once Fall comes! It's right around the corner, so don't forget! Also, the last week to drop classes is Week 9! If you are not sure about dropping a class, speak to advisement, and also speak to your professor. If you're having a hard time, it's not too late to get some help, so please do so!

Berkeley will be getting ready to welcome more new students in the Fall! If you see these new students around campus and see they need some help, please lend them a helping hand. We were all once in their shoes, so why not help them out?!

I actually am applying to be a peer mentor for new online students. If I end up getting selected, I will be emailing the new online students each week to assist them with any issues they may be having! I really think this would be a great thing especially since when I started online, I wasn't so confident that I would be able to succeed in online classes. I love them now!!!

I hope everyone had a great week and remember to stay focused as we approach the end of the Summer quarter! 3 more weeks! Hang in there!!!

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