Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Halfway through Week 7

Hey guys! I know, I know, slacking on my postings again! This quarter has been kicking my butt between interning and keeping up with everything, but I am happy to say that everything is going great and the nerves and pressure of graduation are setting in!

I've been applying to some jobs already, hoping to land something close after graduation, so I still have my fingers crossed in that area! I know I always have the Career Services area available to me at Berkeley for any career assistance! It's great to know that you will always have someone there to help you out when you are really in need of it.

I want to make note of a posting this week on our facebook fan page "Give me one word that describes Berkeley College... -Angie Marie" As I was reading all of the responses throughout the day, they were the same exact things I was thinking to myself: Professional, Family, Success, Convenient, Opportunistic were among the many mentioned!

When I started at Berkeley, I loved the fact of how professional everything was handled. From the registration process to the enrollment of classes, it was just so great! You got to know your admissions rep, your advisement rep, and everyone you saw on campus were so friendly and ready to help you in any way they could. Everything was handled very professionally and if something fell through the cracks, they were sure to pick it up and correct the issue!

Success is something I am going to experience very soon with graduation approaching. Yes, I have succeeded in a lot already, but walking away with my Bachelors in Marketing, will be a huge part of my success here at Berkeley. The faculty and staff were there for me 100% of the way. Even with being a part of the online family, the differences in support were very minimal.

So when I read all of these terms being used to describe Berkeley, I couldn't agree more! We are all in this together and we all have a lot to be thankful for because of that!

As we wind down on week 7, I want everyone to look at how far you have come, whether you are a new student, or a continuing student. I am now looking at everything 3 years later and it's such a great feeling to know that I have been able to successfully obtain a degree that will help me land the job of my dreams.

I am still interning as well, which will be about another 4 weeks, until we close out the quarter. It's been a little hectic there because we are trying to organize and manage the database, and since there are so many contacts within, breaking it apart has been a nightmare, but we are all working together to sort it out. I work with such a great group of people, so each day I intern is always fun and exciting. I am also doing a lot of work with the marketing materials that go out and learning all sorts of different programs that could be in handy in the future!

All is good so I am lucky for that! Hang in there everyone! Only a few more weeks, and you get another weeks vacation! You can't beat that!

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