Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! (one day late, I know!


Happy (one day late) Valentine's Day! I meant to get on Saturday and give some last minute gift ideas, but I just ran out of time to do so! Since the holiday is over, my ideas wouldn't really be of any use, so we will just scratch that idea!

Happy President's Day as well!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off today and who knows, tomorrow might be another snow day, so wear your PJ's inside out and hope for one! It's always constantly changing so who knows what will happen!

So over the weekend, I did the traditional celebrating of Valentine's Day! My boyfriend and I decided to stay in this year and cook dinner together! We ended up making chicken divon, which was delicious. Then, we consumed our time by playing Super Mario Bros for Wii. We have been trying so hard to beat it so once you get started, you really can't stop until you get so stressed that you literally have to throw down the controller and walk away. Overall we had a nice day and he got me beautiful necklace as well as a rose and a box of chocolates (YUM!)

As for this week, I have a midterm tomorrow on two stories. I am suppose to write two well detailed essays so I am hoping for the best on that one! We had to read one other story today in preparation for tomorrow. It was called "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses" by Irwin Shaw. It was basically about this married couple who gets into an argument because Michael, the husband, is seen looking at other girls in a sexual manner and the wife, Frances, is not so happy about it. He claims he would never touch them or do something, but she just shakes her head in disbelief. He ends up explaining how he is attracted to these other woman that he sees and that he can't be stopped. He is acting very immature and disrespectful towards his wife. This then leads to Michael saying that he probably will end up touching another woman. How terrible! After Frances has been willing to do everything for him and be his one and only, he turns around and says he isn't sure if he can stop himself from looking at these woman. It doesn't phase his the least bit of his wife's feelings about this. Seems like its too much to ask for to be loved and appreciated by your significant other in this story. If anyone is interested in reading it, you can find it online.

That is one thing out of the way, well at least when the exam is over it will be out of the way.

I just had to contact the helpdesk to reset my password and since no one was available online, I had to call. I got disconnected the first time and they never called back, yet they had my number, and then I called back again and finally had my issue resolved. Note to self: don't type in the wrong password and lock yourself out! This has happened far too often for me because I have all these different passwords for my emails, for school, and for work. Sometimes I think I am logging on there, and it just so happened to be blackboard that I was logging onto with the wrong password this time! Lucky me! An hour later and I am up and running!

I hope everyone has a great week! Wish for a snow day but don't get your hopes up!!

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