Monday, June 21, 2010

Is it really Week 12??

Believe it or not, we have finally reached Week 12!! Now the countdown begins for these next few days for the very start of summer! As I am just as excited as you to do this countdown, I am counting down the days until I leave for Florida! That countdown is at 8 more days! Woo Hoo! I will be spending some much needed time with my family down there, so I can't wait! I'll also get to finally meet my baby cousin! So much to look forward to, but so much to get done before then!!

Book Buyback is here, so now would be the time to sell back some of those books for some summer cash! The buyback is taking place now, June 21st through June 24th 10:30AM-6:30 PM, Friday, June 25th, 9AM-5PM, and Saturday, June 26th, 10AM-2PM!! You have plenty of opportunities to sell back those books, so make sure you visit your campus bookstore!!

You can also take that cash and put it towards books for next quarter, which is normally what I do. I ended up selling back my books online this quarter since I was able to get more money back. I also got a head start and ordered all of my books for next quarter. So far I have received all but one! Last quarter it was the other way around. It took forever to get my books and the first week rolled around and I was freaking out since I didn't know where my books were! I feel much better about it this time around. Of course when you don't need them yet, they come early, but when you do need them, they take their sweet time sending the books out to you! Never a win-win for me at least!

I am feeling pretty good. I just submitted my final paper for my business law class about the controversial bankruptcy article I selected. I am on the limb now waiting for that grade to come through. I really hope I did well. I made a good argument, so hopefully that was good enough!! I always get nervous when it comes down to these final projects/papers. It's not like I didn't do well all quarter, but it's still just as nerve wrecking as ever!

As this week winds down, just focus on those final exams and just think, summer is within your reach! Enjoy!!!

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